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Edward's & BellA's Favorite Attacks

Edward's "Sir Mans"

Coming Soon: The Story of Edward & BellA

Edward and BellA

To-Why-Light Characters:
Edward JadeEyes & Victoria DeathBringer

Coming Soon: Edward's & BellA's Favorite Attacks

IceWyvern Attack at DS

Edward Unleashes An Ice Wyvern Against a DragonSpyre Fire Minion

Video of Edward's Favorite Life-Stealing Attacks

Ghoul and Vampire Attacks

Edward JadeEyes first venture to DragonSpyre at Level 24

Edward JadeEyes at DS

BellA Shielding Other Players

BellA Shielding Players

Victoria DeathBringer and Friends Face Boss and Minion

Michael LightFlame Jr. with Friends at a DragonSpyre home

Sarah and Megan Master Wizards

A shout out to Sarah and Megan! Keep on Wizarding!

Sir Man: PPJ1 PPJ2